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Most smartphones--cell phones that allow you to surf the Internet also use various applications--like as an iPhone, arrive with global placement systems (GPS) built to the handset. Converting these GPS phones into some standalone GPS is simple and does not require downloading special software or cash any extra money.

Difficulty: Tolerably Effortless

Smartphone (iPhone) Maps application

1 Press the "House" button plus slide the "unlock" bar toward the right in order to unlock your iPhone. The "Household" button remains located on the bottom, center of the iPhone. If your iPhone remains already unlocked, skip this stage.

2 Open up the "Maps" application. This remains a Google Maps application which comes standard with every iPhone. The application has a picture regarding a road map. Tap on the picture once, to open the application.

3 Press the "Search" button on the lower, left-hand corner about the screen. This yous any rectangular, blue key with a image of a bull's vision in its center.

4 Press "Ok." Once you press the "Seek out" button, the Maps application will inquire you if you would allow it to uncover, and employ, your current location. Your options will be "Don't Permit" plus "Ok." Pressing "Don't Allow" will keep the application from locating your current location. If here is no WiFi to which you are linked, your iPhone will automatically use information away from the ATT 3G network. Since the indefinite data plan is required with the iPhone, this will not cost you anything.

5 Press the "Directions" button on the decrease, center element of the screen.

6 Kind in the address where you are headed to. The Maps application will automatically put the cursor on the bar titled "End," and will calculate the directions from your "Current Location."

7 Press the "Rout" button located on the reduce, correct-hands corner of the screen, without delay below the keyboard. The Maps application will then give directions for getting from your existing position to the destination you typed in.

8 Pick out the mode about transport you will be traveling by way of. To do this, click on the image of the car located at the top part about the screen, if you are traveling by car. The Maps application too gives you the choice about traveling by public transport, depicted by a picture of a bus, or by foot, depicted by a picture regarding a strolling stick to figure. The Maps application defaults to traveling by automobile, or whatever method was employed last. If your method of transport is yet chosen, skip this step.

9 Press "Start." The "Start" button is located on the top, right-hand corner of the screen. It yous colored blue also asserts "Start" at its center.

10 Press the arrow pointing toward the right on the top, suitable-palm corner of the screen to cycle to the subsequent step on your journey. Press the remaining pointing arrow directly to the left of the correct pointing arrow if you need to go again a step.

11 Repeat step 10 until you've arrived at your destination.


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